Construction law

New construction, conversion and the acceptance of private, public and commercial real estate are subject to a large number of laws, regulations and constraints under building law. We support you from the planning phase through the call for tender for the contract up to the structuring of the agreements and also, of course, beyond the construction phase.

Spatial Planning and Land Transfer

The balanced distribution of residential areas and business parks as well as the development of the land plot prices are key parameters for the development of locations.

We provide municipalities, investors and banks with advice throughout Austria, in particular in the fields of:

  • spatial planning (development concepts, area zoning and land-use plans);
  • land transfer.

Placement of Public and Private-Law Construction Contracts

The legally precise organisation required to place contracts is essential in the building and construction industry, for contractors just as for private and public contracting authorities. We support you in the flawless and complete organisation:

  • of the entire procurement procedure, including the procurement criteria;
  • of tenders in the procurement procedure, including for bidding consortia.

Construction Contracts

The realisation of construction projects requires exact sets of agreements in which the parties involved stipulate their legal and economic interests. This ensures the enforcement of your claims and avoids liability issues.

We assist you, in particular, in:

  • the establishment of construction contracts of all kinds, including, in particular, general contractor agreements, subcontractor agreements or contracts to produce a work for the individual trades;
  • the enforcement of your claims, be it as owner builder, general contractor or subcontracting company.

Our areas of expertise

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