Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law, in everyday language called ‘law on intellectual property’, comprises the protection of all intellectual creations of trade marks and logos, work of art up to the technical invention.

Safeguard your industrial property rights and seek judicial advice on the exploitation of your own licence rights as well as within the scope of acquiring licence rights. In this way, you will prevent costly legal disputes. In the event of copyright infringements – be it your own or in case of any accusation against you – we likewise assist you both in and out of court.

Trade Mark Law and Design Law

Safeguard your trade marks and thus the recognition of your company and of your products, because it is you who transports your image and your concepts of quality with your trade mark. Protect yourself against the dilution or copying of your trade marks and prevent the violation of third-party trade mark rights. Some people say that design is of at least the same importance as the product itself. This is why you should protect the appearance of your product in accordance with the law on the protection of registered designs!

We assist you, in particular, in the:

  • registration and protection of national, European or international trade marks and registered designs against copying or confusion;
  • defence against any accused violation of third-party trade mark or registered design protection rights.

Licence Agreements

A typical element of the entire intellectual property legislation is the fact that the legally compliant utilisation of own or of third-party intellectual property rights requires extensive licence agreements to design licences according to the intended purpose and to avoid legal disputes in the future. The preparation of licence agreements under intellectual property law is complex and requires both expertise and experience.

We take charge for you, in particular, of:

  • the preparation and review of licence agreements;
  • the implementation of licence agreements in (and out of) court.

Our areas of expertise

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