Banking and Insurance Law

Savings and investment products, credits and their types of collateralisation – since our law office was founded, we have been dealing with selected topics of banking and insurance law. We offer legal review of your financial transactions and sound legal advice on all aspects of banking and insurance law.

Credit Agreements, Financing Operations, Assessments

The number of statutory disclosure duties is continuously growing and does not only increase the demand for advice, but also the requirements imposed on effective credit and financing agreements in the areas of both companies and private foundations as well as in the private sector. We provide both banks and bank customers as well as institutional investors with advice, in particular, in the:

  • legally compliant structuring and review of credit and financing agreements as well as in assessments and depositary agreements, including GTCs;
  • assertion of or defence against claims from credit and financing agreements as well as in assessments and depositary agreements, including GTCs and advice-related errors.

Pledging, Suretyships and Bank Guarantees

The case-law on commercial criminal law, in particular with respect to embezzlement, has caused a massive increase in the number of requirements for the collateralisation of credit and financing agreements. The sound collateralisation of financing operations of all kinds helps not only to avoid bad debt losses, but also criminal prosecution.

We take charge for you, in particular, of:

  • the preparation and review of pledging agreements and contracts of suretyship as well as of bank guarantees;
  • the realisation of collateral securities both in and out of court.

Insurance Contract Law

We have many years of experience in insurance and broker law. Thanks to our expertise, we can support insurance companies and policyholders in all fields of the insurance sector, including the distribution of insurance policies.

Our activity comprises, in particular:

  • the settlement of national and international claims for insurance companies and policyholders both in and out of court;
  • the assertion of and defence against claims based on erroneous advice.

Our areas of expertise

Our law firm is a member of the International Practice Group.