Inheritance Law

Prevent legal disputes and have your estate arranged with the help of judicial experts. We offer you legal advice on the preparation of your last will and testament in both the private and commercial sphere.

We safeguard the rights of the heirs and support them in the proper acceptance of the inheritance, for example, in relation to compliance with constraints and obligations under the last will and testament, as well as in considering whether to reject the inheritance, as the case may be. We represent your interests in case of inheritance disputes and assist you in enforcing your claims.

Testamentary Dispositions and Last Wills and Testaments

The preparation of a legally valid and effective last will and testament requires observing various formal and substantive provisions under inheritance law. In the event that these provisions had not been complied with or if the testator had full capacity to contract, avoidance of the testamentary succession can be declared.

We support you, in particular:

  • in the planning of how to distribute your estate, as well as in drawing up your testamentary dispositions, in particular last wills and testaments;
  • in enforcing your testamentary inheritance rights and in declaring avoidance of ineffective last wills and testaments.

Statutory Inheritance Law and Claims to a Compulsory Portion

The right to a compulsory portion was maintained, but modified also within the scope of the latest inheritance law reform. It secures the closest relatives a minimum portion of the probate. Claims to an augmentation of the compulsory portion, especially as a consequence of the addition of donations (donation imputations), are of particular significance in the law on compulsory portions.

We provide you with advice and represent you, in particular, in:

  • the calculation of your claims to a compulsory portion and claims to an augmentation of the compulsory portion;
  • the acceptance and disclaimer of inheritances;
  • the enforcement of claims to a compulsory portion and claims to an augmentation of the compulsory portion both in and out of court in probate proceedings and inheritance disputes.

Probate Proceedings

You are the legal or testamentary heir or you were taken into account within the scope of a legacy, but the probate is insufficient to satisfy all claims? We assist you in the probate proceedings, in particular with regard to:

  • the question as to whether any conditional or unconditional declarations of inheritance acceptance should be made or the inheritance should be disclaimed;
  • the handling of national or international probates.

Our areas of expertise

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