Tort/compensation and warranty law

Whether private or entrepreneurial – any kind event of damage or loss is annoying. We are your points of contact in all cases of issues related to compensation for damages and warranty, whether in court or in the event of an extra-judicial settlement.

Traffic and Skiing Accidents

The question of who is obliged to compensate the other party involved in a traffic or skiing accident for the damage or loss incurred and to provide compensation for pain and suffering depends on the respective circumstances of the individual case and requires a thorough legal analysis. Even if the other party involved in the accident is unknown (‘hit and run’), you are entitled to assert claims – and we assert them for you.

We take charge, in particular, of:

  • the legal analysis of the circumstances of the accident and of the identification of opponents;
  • the extra-judicial and judicial implementation of, as well as the defence against claims for compensation for damages and compensations for pain and suffering.

Product Liability and Warranty

Whether you have acquired defective products or poor services as a consumer or company or whether you are the manufacturer, sub-supplier or dealer of these products resp. the provider of these services: we support you in the enforcement of or defence against product liability and warranty actions, in particular in cases of:

  • faulty or delayed deliveries and construction defects;
  • poor services, especially advice-related errors.

Physicians’ and Patients’ Rights Law

Whether professional blunder or incomplete information: medical malpractice can have long-term consequences for both the aggrieved parties and physicians and health institutions. We assist attending physicians, hospitals and their legal entities to ward off complaints filed by patients or to find out-of-court solutions. We help patients to enforce their rights and represent them both in and out of court.

We provide legal advice on physicians’ and patients’ rights law, in particular within the scope of:

  • warding off or enforcing claims for compensation for damages both in and out of court in cases of medical malpractice, professional blunder and incorrect medical information;
  • asserting and enforcing claims of recourse by insurance companies and employers.

Our areas of expertise

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