Labour & social security law

The world of work and thus the structuring of employment relationships is becoming increasingly complex due to the rising requirements and ever shorter development and production cycles. We represent both employers and employees to create the framework for a sound long-term cooperation within the scope of a fruitful employment relationship for both parties. We review and draw up contracts, agreements and working hours schemes for you and represent your interests before the labour court, as the case may be, in all matters in terms of individual and collective labour law.

Employment and Manager Contracts

Despite collective wage agreements and potentially existing works agreements, questions of substance and essential areas of the employment relationship can be governed by employment contracts.

We take charge, in particular, of:

  • the preparation or review of employment contracts, contracts for work and freelancer agreements, also for executive board members, managing directors, managers and supervisory board members;
  • advice and representation upon termination of employment relationships, including the judicial enforcement of your claims.

Working Time, Part Time and Parental Leave

On the one hand, working hours schemes have an extremely strong influence on the economic result of the company. On the other hand, they do, by their very nature, not only influence the distribution of the working time, but also the amount of the salary paid to the employees.

We support employers and employees, in particular:

  • in the structuring and implementation of working hours schemes, including, in particular, periods for averaging and flexitime models;
  • in the contractual structuring of part-time and parental leave agreements.

Posting, Labour Leasing and Termination of Employment Relationships

The question as to what claims employees are entitled to assert in case of posting, labour leasing or the termination of the employment relationship depends largely on the contractual arrangement as well as on the issue of how the employment relationship has been terminated (resignation or redundancy) and on whether the termination was justified.

We provide employers and employees with advice, in particular:

  • on all aspects in connection with employment relationships, especially the nature and timing of the termination (redundancy, resignation including dates of notice and periods of notice) and restrictions on redundancies;
  • in the enforcement of claims from the employment relationship, especially severance payments or non-compete obligations and repayment of training costs.

Our areas of expertise

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