Real estate and right of abode

‘Ownership has its responsibilities’ – this is one of the demands in social policy. In any case, the acquisition or sale as well as the renting or letting resp. leasing of land plots, houses, apartments or business premises requires precise planning and carefully worked out agreements in legal terms.

We support owners as well as tenants and leaseholders in the structuring, implementation and, as the case may be, termination of agreements.

Property Development

Giving new value to land plots and existing building stock is both a financial and legal challenge. We place your project on firm legal ground and support you from the first idea up to the completion of the project, in particular by:

  • reviewing the land register status, especially with regard to existing easements (servitudes) and mortgages, as well as other public registers and databases (for example area zoning plans, danger zone plans, register of potentially hazardous sites or disused hazardous sites register) with respect to existing zoning decisions and restrictions;
  • obtaining re-zoning decisions, building ground declarations and building permits.

Acquisition and Sale of Real Estate (Ownership and Condominium Ownership)

The acquisition and transfer of land plots, buildings and apartments affects a variety of legal areas. See our legal advice, in particular with regard to:

  • the preparation and land register implementation of purchase and donation agreements, as well as of real estate developer agreements, in each case including the takeover of trusteeships and processing on a fiduciary basis;
  • the creation and entry of liens, easements and realty charges, such as a right of way or right of residence.

Renting and Leasing of Houses, Apartments and Commercial Spaces

What clauses are permissible in a rental agreement? Austria does not yet have a uniform tenancy law, but the applicable provisions depend on a large number of factors. Therefore, legal expertise is also indispensable when renting properties or objects. One must bear in mind that there are numerous legal framework conditions to be observed, in particular in the:

  • structuring of rental or lease agreements, customised to the respective object and the applicable legal framework;
  • representation of landlords and tenants in all aspects of the tenancy.

Our areas of expertise

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